Contatto was born to merge a long career as a designer in two different industries: fashion and beverage (wine and spirits). The idea was to create a one of a kind technique that could combine embroidery and printing on paper labels. After two years of experimentation, Contatto has industrialized a new process to make it possible to create a highly performant packaging label. The product has the same application and performance characteristics as an adhesive label suitable for any glass container, such as wine and spirits bottles, perfumes, and cosmetic canisters. This is all possible due to a physical barrier between the label and the glass, which makes the product highly resistant to any water temperature.
As a company, we aim to deliver an innovative, elegant and unique solution for valuable and high-quality creations. The product, which is protected by an international patent, is meant to impress the sensitivity of people by appealing to their senses of sight and touch. The result is an intense and unforgettable multi-sensory experience that generates astonishment in the consumers. 
The production is entirely MADE in ITALY. We have partnerships with experienced and reputable suppliers and thus have the best raw materials, printings, and embroideries in the market to make a high-quality standards product.